Just last Thursday Duncan Jones was feeling a bit bunged up to such an extent that the only outlet, however small a relief it may provide, was to his followers over on Twitter… “Feeling artistically very congested these days. A Graphic Novel deep in dev, can’t talk about it. Rogue Trooper written & budgeted, can’t talk about it, sharp little indie film I’m writing with very cool collaborator… can’t talk about it. & the big one… Can’t talk about it.”

This blast of thought to Tweet though does seem to have started to dislodged whatever barriers have prevented Duncan from sharing some news of currently in development projects as just one day later we received the promise of news on his highly anticipated graphic novel adaptation of the final installment of what has come to be known as the Mooniverse trilogy that began with 2009’s MOON, and continued with 2018’s MUTE. And that news is…


“Monday… Assuming there is no last minute apocalyptic news on Monday, Alex de Campi & I are finally gonna start dropping Graphic Novel news.”

Duncan Jones Reveals Colleen Doran MOONIVERS Pt3 Artwork
MOONIVERSE Pt3 Graphic Novel Poll Winner’s Submission by Colleen Doran

So that’s tomorrow! As you may recall, news of Duncan’s collaboration with Alex was announced in July last year when Duncan began the journey to development of his feature script for the third installment of the Mooniverse trilogy as a graphic novel when we ran a poll to collate a list of comic book artists. The top three in that poll were then commissioned to create one page for a “secret project”, the results of which we posted at the beginning of July 2019. Since then Duncan and Alex have been busy working away on recruiting artists, planning layouts, translating script to graphic novel format, and everything else that is required to create what promises to be something rather special. Tomorrow, we’ll find out exactly what they’ve been up to!


Since the development of 2000AD’s Rogue Trooper film helmed (fnar… ok, if you get it, you get it) by Duncan was announced in July 2018, things have been quiet on how things are going on progress with this one. But that also may start to change soon as the latest SciFiNow magazine (March 2020 issue 169) features interviews with both Rogue Trooper co-creator Dave Gibbons, and Duncan Jones on his love of 2000AD. So pick that up if you want to know how Rogue Trooper came about in 2000AD to begin with, Mr. Gibbon’s certainly sounds enthusiastic about Duncan’s involvement with the film saying “I was thrilled to hear that Duncan Jones was attached to the movie. I have huge respect for him as a filmmaker and from what I’ve seen he obviously gets the character and is a huge fan. For me, it’s reall all about him and his take on Rogue Trooper.”

Duncan himself details his first experiences of 2000AD, and his first pitch to Rebellion Publishing owner Jason Kingsley for a Rogue Trooper film. It’s a LOT earlier than we may have previously heard… pick up SciFiNow to find out more.

SciFiNow Issue 169 March 2020 Featuring Dave Gibbons & Duncan Jones

As for the “sharp little indie film” and “the big one” Duncan mentioned in his attempt to decongest last week, we know nuffin! Hopefully though news of the graphic novel, and the beginnings of Rogue Trooper news will begin to ease the pressure.

Keep your eyes on Duncan’s Twitter feed tomorrow for further news on the Graphic novel, and give Alex de Campi a follow too.