Things move fast in Twitter World, and the doors are wide open for artistic collaborations when thoughts are launched and things take off. This was the case over the last few weeks after we launched our poll for Duncan Jones’ Comic Art Commission Doodaa! We ended up with over 200 suggestions to add to the poll which received 13,785 votes in total, amazing. Thanks to all that suggested their favourite artists, and all that voted.

Now, you may think that after the poll closed it would take a rather long time to see the results of the potential collaboration, but today Duncan Jones revealed the first three pieces of work that marks the beginning of a very exciting collaboration. So. over to Duncan to fill you in on the details…

About a month ago, the inimitable Unklerupert & me ran a poll of your favorite comic artists and created a really quite extraordinary list of comic art talent.

I promised that the top 3 in the poll would be commissioned to do 1 page of art each for a secret project! That project was a test I wanted to run on the comic making process. How its done, how fast things happen, how much things cost… the works!

It’s been a fascinating experience, and in my opinion, a huge success. What it has also done is given me the confidence to move forward with turning the third part of my Moon/Mute/(not publicly named film) anthology, into a graphic novel.

Having now experienced & worked with different artists, & seeing how they interpret things, I’m going to do the book with not one, but a “dream-team” of different people! Still, my limited experience even after the poll, has given me the wisdom to know that to do this right, I should team up with an experienced comic creator. Someone with real chops making graphic novels. I’ll introduce that person soon.

In the meantime, the poll introduced me to 3 wonderful artists and allowed me to work with one I knew from the past. The three artists who were new to me were Colleen Doran, Angle & André Lima Araújo. The old pal was PJ Holden. Over the next few days, I wanted to show you their work…

First up, PJ Holden‘s piece. Our heroes on their way to work on the London tube.

Duncan Jones MOONIVERSE 3 PJ Holden July 2019
Duncan Jones’ MOONIVERSE 3 by PJ Holden July 2019

Next up, this beautiful page by Angle. Our lead protagonist, (done in a very different style from PJ Holden’s) negotiating a job at a BBQ joint in London.

Duncan Jones' - MOONIVERSE 3 - Angle - July 2019
Duncan Jones’ – MOONIVERSE 3 by Angle – July 2019

Lastly for today, I’ll leave you with André Lima Araújo‘s gorgeous grey-shaded b&w piece from a little later in the story.

Duncan Jones’ MOONIVERSE 3 – by Andre Lima Araujo – July 2019
Duncan Jones’ MOONIVERSE 3 – by Andre Lima Araujo – July 2019

As you can see, very different art styles, and different takes. The fun bit now is working out a common language for the artists of who the characters are and what makes them recognizable as the same individuals as we go from one artist to the next within the story…

I’ll be putting up Colleen Doran‘s stunning page soon, and telling you a bit more about what happens next.

Very exciting stuff, eh? As usual keep your eyes on Duncan’s Twitter feed (where you can also find higher resolution versions of these beautiful pieces of artwork) for the latest updates, and you can follow along with us as we try to keep up too!