Whistle (2002)

Duncan Jones' WHISTLE (2002)

WHISTLE (2002) is Duncan Jones’ 26 minute debut short film he has described as “my dry run at a feature film”.

WHISTLE (2002) - Duncan Jones - Titles CreditA man with a refined skill to predict human behaviour is torn between his work and his family in this melancholy tale about the future of assassination.

As with MOON a few years later, WHISTLE also features the talents of Hideki Arichi (Production Design & appearing as a Journalist), Gavin Rothery (Art Department & Visual Effects, also appearing as a Journalist) and Barratt Heathcote as Editor.

WHISTLE features music from Duncan Jones’ father (David Bowie – Subterraneans), and also credits his Grandmother (Margaret Mary Jones) as Executive Producer.

WHISTLE was inspired by listening to Grandaddy’s album ‘The Sophtware Slump’ and features the track ‘Underneath The Weeping Willow’. Duncan had originally hoped to score the whole film with this album but instead worked with “the very talented German classical saxophonist” Christian Biegai. Additional musical intro to the film is by the very lovely Emm Gryner.

WHISTLE is available as an extra feature on both DVD & Blu-Ray releases of MOON.

WHISTLE (2002)

DirectorDuncan Jones
Written byDuncan Jones
RyanDominic Mafham
DianaSarah Winman
MichaelCharlie W. Hicks
PaulJohn Shrapnel
JoeTerry Jermyn
Produced byDuncan Jones
Margaret Mary Jones
Yvonne Svendsen
MusicChristian Biegai
David Bowie
CinematographyEric Lehner
EditorBarratt Heathcote
Production DesignHideki Arichi
VFXGavin Rothery

Full cast and crew credits available on WHISTLE IMDb entry.