If you follow Duncan on Twitter you may have seen his tweets early Friday morning asking everyone to suggest comic artists for a rather special project. There was, unsurprisingly, a rather large response. Over 200 artists were suggested. We now need your help to reduce that mahoosive number down to just three. Here’s the full doodaa from Duncan…

Who are your most coveted comic artists who do commissions? I have an experiment I want to try…

This is my plan… I want to come up with a list of comic artists who take commissions, then have YOU choose three by poll. I will ask those three to read the film script for the third part of the MOON/MUTE/? trilogy. I will then ask them to pick any moment in the story to Illustrate, as if it were a page from the full comic. I will break the page into a script format with them, if they like, or they can do it themselves, & I will pay their going comic page rate. Then assuming there are no chronic spoilers, I’ll release those pages on Twitter.

One page for each artist. 3 moments from that as yet unmade film.

Obviously, we have to be sure that the three artists you choose WANT to do this, so there may need to be a backup list.

Will the art be in colour?

If the selected artist would like their work presented that way. They will choose their own colorist & that colorist will be paid at their regular page rate. Same goes for letterer.

I will play no favourites till after the vote, but excited to see some of the people going on this poll!

So, let’s get to the voting. There are 209 choices! Thanks to all that have suggested artists to choose from. I had a lot of fun going through all your tweets and creating a list and then copying and pasting them into the poll. No, really. Looks to be wide range of artists and styles here, so please have a gander and select your favourite three (or yourself if you’re on the list, cheeky monkey!).


Poll will close at 23:59 (GMT) on Friday 3rd May 2019.

Once poll has closed, Duncan will get in touch with the top three to take things to the next stage. Should any of those top three be unable to take part, we’ll work our way down the list. Good luck!


And the poll did close, and the votes were counted, over 13,000, and the winners are… over to Duncan.

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in our comic artist poll! After seeing over 13,000 votes given to an incredible group of talented people, I will now be contacting the top three to see if they are interested in taking on this unique commission.

I don’t want anyone involved to feel pressured by this, so until these artists have been contacted and we have agreed terms, I’m going to hold off naming names until we can confirm the three. Hope to have more news for everyone who got involved soon! I’m deliriously excited!

In the meantime, you may not be aware of the stunning artwork Glenn Fabry did for MUTE before the film came out. Here is one of many stunners from it.

Dark Horse Presents Duncan Jones & Glenn Fabry - MUTE SDCC2013