Source Code: Poster By Daniel Norris

Blimey, it’s poster week! Source Code doesn’t open until April 1st, but we’ve already had amazing Poster art from Olly Moss, Simon C Page and Lloyd Stas, add to that this lovely piece playing off the Source Code being a DNA ladder.

As you’ll see from Daniel’s Tumblr entry, he was inspired by the amazing poster work we’ve already seen.

Thanks for letting us share, Daniel 🙂

Source Code by Daniel Norris 2011
Source Code by Daniel Norris 2011

Make sure you check out Daniels other poster work as well, on his Flickr stream.


8 thoughts on “Source Code: Poster By Daniel Norris”

  1. I was waiting for the theme music from Mad Men. It’s just too derivative. Two other posters reminded me of Inception. This poster is all about creamy orange shades, and another one used an annoying color of light aqua blue. Why no strong colors? None of them pop for me. Why is this so difficult? Jake’s got a great face and a great body. cameras love him. How about a gorgeous picture of a tormented Jake, with the world falling apart around him? Or maybe a huge photo of an actual watch face with the hands pointed eight minutes ’til the hour, and Jake’s face looking all intense with a black background ?

  2. Sooo sorry! (embarrassed.) Thanks, Duncan. Yes, in that respect, it is fantastic, if this is comnig from fans! I totally misunderstood. I stand corrected. Nothing like missing the point. I’m very excited about the film, too. I love science fiction thrillers, and I loved Moon. Sam Rockwell is a long time favorite of mine.

  3. Don’t get the concept after watching trailer? Good concept but doesn’t fit the film…he should of kept it back for a genetics film me thinks…

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