Simon C Page - Source Code Poster

Well, as Duncan has just said “The internet is brilliant for all sorts of reasons. For me, today, its because of this – Love it!” “This” being the bloody lovely ‘Source Code‘ poster above, that Simon C Page popped up on his portfolio earlier this evening.

We’ve seen a wonderful poster already from Lloyd Stas, and of course we now have the official poster, all featuring the stars of the film, but this is raw, naked, code, which is bound to have an appeal for some of you out there (and certainly stirred something in my sub processes)

Simon has very kindly dropped us an e-mail to explain his ideas behind the poster:

The idea was quite a simple one as coding is the first thing, I imagine, most people like myself think of when they hear the words “source code”. Therefore I thought it would be interesting to do a teaser style poster incorporating some looping code functions to tie in with the movies repetitive elements of Colter’s travels.

I initially went at it with more geeky code (where just the loop and statement parts were really understandable) but realised if I used an early BASIC language it would make the coding much more legible for all and make it quite interesting for people to work out the movie plot from this code.

I generally don’t do many movie poster except if I have a good idea. I’m probably best know for my minimalistic geometric style and one of my most popular series are my International Year of Astronomy Posters

Thanks to Simon, for a brilliant poster design, and for taking the time to get in touch as well. Now I suggest you pop over to Simon’s site and check out the rest of his portfolio.