The moment the tap is turned on at Netflix on February 23rd MUTE will be available for us all to watch as soon as we want to in the comfort of our own home. We can watch it as often as we want, like in the olden days when you’d have a film on VHS, or DVD, or Blu-ray. Thing with MUTE though is we won’t have it sitting on the shelf alongside our growing collection of Duncan Jones films because there will probably not be (as far as we know) a DVD or Blu-Ray release for MUTE. Poor MOON, Source Code and Warcraft sitting there wondering where their new pal is. Duncan has been thinking about this as well.

“I know Mute will never have a DVD, as it will be released on Netflix, but I have decided I need to design a dvd cover, so that when I see it on my shelf, I will remember I made it.”

Now we could go with Sparky Tehnsuko’s idea

“Find a dodgy copy at a market and see what half-arsed artwork the rippers have come up with.”

It did not take long for some of you to take up the challenge over on Twitter and we’ve been totally blown away with designs and mock ups sent in to Duncan in response to his desire to see a physical version of MUTE. Below is a small selection of some of the best ones so far. Great to see not only DVD covers, but Blu-ray too AND a VHS! So, for your ocular pleasure, have a look at these beauties and click through to the original posts where link is provided as some also include mock ups of LP sleeves to go with a much desired physical release for Clint Mansell’s MUTE score.

First up is this classy DVD box artwork and mockup from Scott Saslow, make sure you check out Scott’s orginal tweet for additional poster and soundtrack LP sleeve for this one!

“Poster/DVD cover/LP cover for MUTE by @ManMadeMoon. How to visualize being mute without using stills from the film? I like my vintage anatomy drawings and a grotesque cross-section seemed appropriate.”

Scott Saslow - MUTE DVD Cover

Next up we have a lovely Blu-ray box shot from Clara Diet.

“Here is a Mute DVD cover for you. Sorry it’s a bit late! And I had to include Robert as I’m a big fan.”

Clara is refering to Robert Sheehan there who plays Luba in MUTE.

Clara Diet - MUTE Blu-ray Cover

This is a lovely pair from Wolfman’s Got Nards inspired by the original promotional images which he then updated after the release of the official poster.

Original in full res on Wolfman’s Twitter here, wth updated version here.

Wolfmans Got Nards - MUTE Blu-ray Cover - 1

Wolfmans Got Nards - MUTE Blu-ray Cover - 2

Being all spiffy posh and groovy with digital image manipulation is all well and good, but what if you want the handmade artisinal stripped back simple but to the point method? Well that’s when you go with this from ScreenJolt!

Screen Jolt - MUTE DVD Cover

As we already mentioned, there was a time you could wander down to the video shop and pick up a film for the night. Back in the golden times this may involve putting your name down on a waiting list at the local VHS store then wait for that must watch film to be returned by a fellow film fan. It appears it’s like that in the future too according to Richard Scott.

“So, I picked up this copy of Mute in Berlin… in about forty years… in a secondhand video shop…”

Richard Scott - MUTE VHS Cover

Here’s a stunning mock up from Raborlatte who seems to like neon, in fact Raborlatte says…

“Man, it seems I just can‘t resist those neons, can I?”

This is another one you should click through to check out the individual Cactus Bill and Leo covers in full res.

RaborLatte - MUTE Steelbook Ltd Edition Blu-ray Cover

“VHS, DVD, Blu-ray… all well and good but I WANT 4K Ultra HD!!!” Calm down, mate, here’s one for you from Jeff Lofland.

“Had to geek out and use the promo material to mock up a Bluray cover. Heard it takes place in the same “universe” as MOON, so of course I had to design a poster that acted as companion to that film’s cover. Can’t wait to see it, good sir!”

Jeff Lofland - MUTE 4k Blu-ray Cover

Here’s a super handmade DVD cover by Lexi Dill which drew an enthusiatic reaction from Duncan “Thats punk as fuck! Love it!”

Lexi Dill - MUTE DVD Cover

Next up a beautifully simple but powerful sound wave design from Eileen Steinbach, another one you need to check out the original on to see poster and LP sleeve variants!

MUTE DVD Cover by Eileen Steinbach

Finally WHAT A LOVELY PAIR! *Kenneth Williams face* here’s MOON and MUTE by Matt Hoskins

“Complimentary Mute AND Moon covers. To borrow from a certain movie universe – it’s all connected.”

MOON by Matt Hoskins

MUTE by Matt Hoskins

We’ll start adding these and new ones to our Flickr Gallery. If you’d like to join in you can send your contribution to us on Twitter (send to @ManMadeMovies and Duncan on @ManMademoon), or email me We’ll share them over on the ManMadeMovies Facebook page too.

If you need some inspiration then watch the MUTE trailer below, and have a look at the previously released promo shots. Looking forward to seeing all your artwork and sharing with everyone too 🙂