It’s been a few years for us to wait, many many more for Duncan Jones since he first began to create the World in which Leo Beiler’s story takes place (16 years in fact) and now we’re in the final stretch before MUTE premieres on Netflix on February 23rd, Worldwide.

To wet your whistle and give your eyeballs a treat Netflix have finally release the full trailer for MUTE and a poster too! You lucky lucky people!

MUTE Poster 2018

Duncan built up to the trailer earlier today over on his twitter account with a bold claim

“Goooooood morning world! MUTE trailer day today! I know, i know, there’s an Antman trailer out today as well, but let’s be honest. I give much better Rudd!”

Then continued to tease as we all waited impatientley…

Then finally let us have what we’ve been waiting for for so long

“I have a love hate relationship with trailers. I would rather people go in to a movie knowing nothing about it, but thats a bit old fashioned… for all you youngsters & hipsters, heres the trailer for MUTE.”

Keep your eyes peeled and you will notice not only Alexander Skarsgård, Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux but also many more from a strong cast including Seyneb Saleh, Gilbert Owour, Robert Sheehan, Noel Clarke and (although without silver pyjamas this time, sadly) Orgrim Doomhammer himself (from Warcraft) Rob Kazinsky!

Rob Kazinsky is not the only cast member that’s worked with Duncan before of course, there is also a certain Mr Sam Rockwell although his role in MUTE remains a mystery, until February 23rd…