Source Code Tops Chinese Mainland Box Office Chart

创意“硬”科幻《源代码》8月30日登陆内地银幕Thanks once again to our friend Jessie over in China, we have news that after it’s 30th August mainland Chinese cinema release, Source Code is on track (sorry) to top the Chinese box office chart in it’s first week…

Initial figures show takings of 43 Million CNY (around 6.8 Million USD) after 6 days, with great feedback from 1st week audiences, and those in the industry in China as well, which will hopefully increase audiences into the 2nd week of release via good old fashioned word of mouth. News from Jessie herself is:

I’m sure the box office for Source Code will continue to grow in the coming weeks. People both around me and on the internet are talking about how much they enjoyed the film. Besides, quite many Chinese famous actors/actresses and film-makers have been publicly praising the film.

Jia Zhangke, the Chinese director (Venice Film Festival award winner) who are attending this year’s Venice Film Festival also talked about SC at the press conference in Venice and said something like “what we (Chinese film-makers) lack of nowadays is the ‘Source Code’ kind of courage/spirit”.

I’m so happy that SC is doing truly well here!

As we’ve mentioned previously, the appetite for cinema in China is growing rapidly, so hopefully the success of Source Code over there now, and the support of people like Jessie spreading the word, will bode well for the release of further Duncan Jones films in mainland China in the future 🙂

Guessing Duncan is quite pleased about this as well:

Source Code opens at number 1 in Chinese box office this past week! There’s a British declarative for moments like this… COME ON!

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