To mark the release of Source Code on DVD and blu ray in the UK this week, LoveFilm features a new interview with Duncan Jones. In it, Duncan talks a little about the contrast
of making Moon and Source Code, but he also speaks a little bit more about The Third Project. He even has an idea of cast. Duncan might not give much away but it does make one think about the type of actor that he would like to direct next. Read the interview here and, if you’re feeling lucky, there’s also a Source Code competition.

This one is hopefully going to be a summation of what I would love to make as a science fiction film – a little bit future set. Connected to the universe that is described in Moon, but a completely independent story. And also connected to a script I’ve been working on for a long time, Mute, which we’re doing in parallel as a graphic novel.

I will say that I have a particular cast in mind for a number of the characters, to help me give them a voice and write them in a way which is believable. I definitely have people I’d love to work with, and hopefully they’ll want to work with me too!

Also, just in case any directors might be thinking of giving their masterpieces a new lick of paint, Duncan mentions that the science fiction film that inspired him the most ‘always was’ Blade Runner.