Exclusive Early Source Code Rental With Blockbuster + Competition

Source Code DVD / Blu-Ray Release UK Blockbuster 29th July 2011Source Code is released on DVD & Blu-Ray in the US tomorrow (26th July), while we in the UK have to wait until the 15th of August to pick up a copy. That is unless you are a member of Blockbuster who have the exclusive early home rental of Duncan Jones’ thought provoking, action packed, box office smash starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga & Jeffrey Wright.

You will be able to rent Source Code from Blockbuster from this Friday, 29th July on both DVD & Blu-Ray, and you can also win a copy by entering Blockbuster’s Source Code competition.

And just in case you’re wondering what Source Code is all about, wishing you could watch the first few minutes to get a taste of what the weekends entertainment could be like. Have a look at…the first few minutes 🙂

4 thoughts on “Exclusive Early Source Code Rental With Blockbuster + Competition”

  1. Outburst of a Brazilian! Moon was not released in the cinema here, Sourcecode will have the same fate? Postponed again.

    1. Hi Renato, sorry to hear that. Last date we had was 27th July, noticed earlier this week when checking Brazil cinemas that Source Code not listed. Trying to find out what is happening, and will let you all know when there is a new date.

  2. It’s just like a role playing game. The mission is to find the bomber and you can save your progress in every eight minutes. Everytime after reloading the archives the gamer can progress a little bit because of getting rid of some zigzags. Colter is not a good gamer so he played for 9 times. hoho. BTW, I like the movie very much. Hopefully the movie can be in Singaporean cinemas.

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