There have been no end of “Oooh!” and “Aaaah!” and “Where can we get one of these?!?!” since Duncan revealed the MUTE poster he personally commissioned from artist Paolo Rivera. Sadly for most of us it was a private commission with a print run (arranged by Duncan himself in LA) of only 30. Yup, there are only 30 of these beauties in the whole wide World.

MUTE Poster By Paolo Rivera

One of you may be in luck though, as we have one and only one (hand numbered 24 of 30) to give away. We could do a “RT to win” on Twitter, but you’re not all on Twitter. We could do a “Like and share to win” on Facebook, but you’re not all on Facebook. You probably do all have email though, right? So we thought we’d do a good old fashioned “Answer a question and send us an email” type competition to hopefully ensure as many of you as possible get a chance at winning this stunning piece of art. So, a question…

As many of you will know a particular song has featured in all of Duncan’s films, The One And Only by Chesney Hawkes. It was Sam Bell’s alarm sound in MOON which Duncan mentioned over on Twitter earlier today.

It was Christina’s ringtone in SOURCE CODE, and there was even a wandering mistrel version recorded and filmed for WARCRAFT that sadly never made it to the final cut.

So of course The One And Only appears in MUTE too. It appears to be well hidden, but is totally obvious when you find it. So our question, to win the one and only Paolo Rivera MUTE poster we have in our possession is… where does The One And Only appear in MUTE?

If you missed it the first time, or you’ve yet to watch MUTE then get over to Netflix where you can watch it as many times as you like. Right now, Worldwide!

Send you answer via email to with MUTE POSTER COMP as the subject line and we will have GERTY pull one winner out at random.

Competition open to anyone anywhere on planet Earth (sorry, Sam).

Competition closes next Monday 26th March at 23:59 GMT.

Good luck! Thingies crossed for all of you (until thingies start turning blue, that’d be kinda bad).