MUTE Script Pic Tweeted By Duncan JonesAs you may well know by now if you’ve been with us for a while, the best place to find out what Duncan is up to is to follow him on Twitter. If you are following him there you may have already seen this, if not, it looks like we have a freshly completed script for MUTE!

So it sounds like Duncan’s recently expressed desire to squeeze MUTE in between now and the release of WARCRAFT in June 2016 may be becoming a reality. Weight is lent to this from other recent tweets from Duncan including consulting the hive mind on their favourite film “making of” books:-

“In your opinion, what is your favorite “making of” book for a movie? Want to do one for Mute, & would love to see whats been done before.”

And also, looking back over recent weeks, there may have been a slight hint that things are moving forward too:-

So is it a definite go go go? Nothing is ever certain in this world but certainly sounds like we are getting closer. Replying to legendary author William Gibson‘s reaction of “Ah ha!” (he saves most of his words for his books) Duncan said:-

“Im shaking! A lot to do this week.  Many i’s to dot & t’s to cross.”