If you are an old geezer like me, you may recall the days we’d go and buy our music from a record shop. Our 7″ & 12″ vinyl singles and albums would come on lovely two sided vinyl. As well as the music there was visual content added into the bargain, wonderful sleeve art and paper printed centres carrying record label and catalogue numbers, we’d sit looking at all of this while listening to the music on our record players, it was good.

There was also sometimes secret visual content that only the most attentive would discover, and in those days we didn’t have an internet to pass on this information, so it was self discovery or word of mouth that would reveal… a message between the run out groove and the centre label.

Now, I have a vinyl copy of Clint Mansell‘s stunning soundtrack to MOON, it is still sealed in cellophane and “Mint” so I have never even taken the record out to look at it. At least one person has though, thanks to James Lloyd we can now reveal the secret message on the vinyl edition of the MOON soundtrack…MOON OST Vinyl Run Out Message

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