If you’re a regular round these parts (usual?), you’ll know all about our friend Charles Kline Jr who went to great lengths in 2011 to re-create some of Sam Bell’s costumes from MOON. Charles also informed us of a fantastic Halloween out take from MOON later the same year, so we’re pretty sure Charles is a bit of a fan of Duncan Jones’ award winning 2009 debut.

MOON - Sam Bell 1 and 2 Charles Kline

Well, it seems this love for MOON is now being shared by other members of the Kline family. Charles just got in touch on Twitter earlier to alert us to the fact that MOON composer Clint Mansell may want to keep an eye on the rear view mirror as young Charles Kline III gets into gear with his version of the intro to ‘Welcome to Lunar Industries’, Charles is EIGHT! And figured out the notes by himself! Take it away Charles 🙂