Sam Rockwell In Duncan Jones' MOON

MOON VFX Supervisor & Concept Artist Gavin Rothery has just popped up details of an event all fans of MOON in the UK may want to get down to in London on Friday 6th of July.

As part of the East End Film Festival, Gavin and Executive Producer Trevor Beattie will be giving an in depth session on how their roles and others combined to create the distinctive and successful British Sci-Fi Film MOON.

Continuing the celebration of MOON, The Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation invite you to an exciting evening of networking drinks and performances as well as an exciting performance from the Chivaree Circus and a space themed soundtrack hosted by DJ Tony Stevenson.

The Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation is a charitable cause that was set up to help people in need fight their corners. Knowing that someone is fighting your corner is half the battle won. Your ticket price for this event is a donation to The Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation.

Tickets and further details available here.