CNN - Energy sources in film - MOONCNN has this slidehow on odd energy sources in the movies, and while some may seem completely impossible (Dilithium crystals) , nice to see MOON there as a representative of future energy solutions through nuclear fusion that may actually be possible within our lifetime…

With the Earth’s supply running out fast (and limited to start with), inflating the market value of Helium-3, the idea of heading to the Moon to mine Helium-3 for energy production through fusion is becoming more attractive. But, as with MOON’s fictional Lunar Industries, it may be private capital that will fund future missions to establish a base on the Moon to mine Helium-3, and private capital that will fund research to accelerate efficiency and success with nuclear fusion. As Lunar Industries states:

“Who’d have thought, all the energy we ever needed, right above our heads. The power of the Moon. The power of our future.”

So could the Moon really provide clean energy for Earth? Gerald Kulcinski, nuclear engineering professor at the University of Wisconsin states in conclusion in this article on CNN:

“You would go to the moon for long-term clean energy, because this is really an enormous source of energy. There is 10 times more energy there than there ever was in fossil fuel on the Earth.”

If that article has tweaked your interest further after watching Duncan Jones’ MOON, then you may also be interested in watching ‘Moon for Sale’ over here on Vimeo.

Of course, once both nuclear fusion & limitless clean energy become a reality, we have to wonder how much more of Duncan’s vision of a near future could come true…

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