Caesars RomeMOON continues to inspire others to create, and we are always more than happy to share those creations with you. Just last night, Cardiff band Caesers Rome got in touch with MOON Director Duncan Jones to let him know they had just released the video for their debut single ‘Earth From Space’ which has been directly influenced musically, and visually by Duncan’s 2009 debut feature…

Duncan checked out the video and commented:

“love the first “money shot” at the beach. Nice work, chaps. ;)”

As well as the video above, we are very pleased to have Jon from Caesars Rome tell us a bit about themselves, and about how MOON inspired ‘Earth From Space’

We are Caesars Rome a 4 piece Rock band from Cardiff, South Wales UK.
We infuse a wall of guitars with cinematic melody in everything we do, while being massive fans of The Beatles. The band itself has been together for a number of years, we put our first full length record out last year entitled “The Company We Keep” via Superball Music & EMI.

We recently got back from a tour of Europe, and hit the studio to record some promo material from our forthcoming release, of which our song “Earth From Space” will be featured on, and this song draws 100% of its lyrical and visual concepts on the film MOON.

MOON instantly inspired me lyrically, I’ve not been drawn into a film like that for a long time. I think the transition of mood that we are engulfed in with Sam Bell really grabbed me, I felt I was able to empathise with him, and I felt that a warmth with the character. Lyrically I envisioned this solitary place and doing what you needed to do to pass the time, and the lyrics seemed to flow upon how we are led through the story as viewers of this film.

When it came to choosing the next single, it was most definitely going to be this one, upon entering the rehearsal studio to piece the song together, I started to focus on the story a lot more, and the music happened around the whole idea of trying to tell my own story inspired by MOON. I think musically it tells a story as much as the lyrics, the airy verses to the lifting choruses to the aggressive middle 8. This is how I felt emotionally while watching the film, as we were finding more and more out about his past but being surrounded by question marks with his present.

When it came to doing the video, we obviously didn’t have the budget to be able to completely replicate the whole MOON vibe, so we had to show the concept in a different light. I really hope that anyone who checks this video out and hasn’t seen MOON, does so immediately after.

We are a band that has been described live as a wall of sound, epic and have cinematic scope, and I think all of those words also sum up the film, it was a perfect fit. I’ve urged so many people to watch it that haven’t yet already, purely based on how the film made me feel. I’ve never approached a song lyrically based or musically based around a film before, and it was an incredibly enjoyable experience.

I’m extremely pleased to have been approached to do this little feature on what MOON means to us.

I recently watched Source Code and was blown away by that too, let’s see what that brings out of us musically.

Get more info on Caesars Rome on their web site and if you like what you hear, go “Like” them over on Facebook or follow their progress on Twitter.