Source Code - ChinaAs we get closer to the release of 源代码 Source Code in China on the 30th August, Duncan Jones has put out an appeal to the audience in China to go see Source Code at the cinema, and not watch pirated versions.

Duncan Jones Letter To Chinese Audience Before Source Code Release 30th Aug 2011This has been translated and posted also at which we understand is one of the biggest Chinese web sites. Many fans in China have contacted Duncan through Twitter, to ask for the release of Source Code in mainland China, but communications are hampered somewhat by them having to find various ways around controlled access to some online resources, we heard earlier in the week from Jessie about their efforts over there to try and spread the word about MOON in 2009, and now Source Code in 2011.

Proper amazing that we all find a way to speak to each other about shared interests, so quickly, despite language and technical barriers. So for our friends in China, here is (hopefully) the translation of Duncan’s letter above. He did start sending one to every member of the population, bit ended up sticking his mouth together after licking a large amount of envelopes. Hopefully this is the next best thing.