“Over 10 million people are at risk in East Africa due to conflict and some areas being affected by the worst drought in 60 years. The DEC East Africa Crisis Appeal will support the work of our members in affected areas of Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan. Your donations can help provide life saving aid such as food, water, care for malnourished children and medical treatment.”

As many of you will know, there is no official merchandise for Duncan Jones’ 2009 debut feature MOON, and currently, as far as we know, for the 2011 follow up feature SOURCE CODE. Fortunately, through the generosity of Director Duncan Jones, we have some rather fantastic promotional items here in the goody box.
Had initially planned to pop one or two up on here as competition prizes, but after watching the the DEC East Africa Crisis Appeal (despite lack of coverage due to current media relate stories in the UK), thought it might be a good idea to pop together a money can’t buy bundle…except now money can buy these rare promotional only items. So please bid your pants off, 100% of all proceeds for this auction will be sent to DEC to hopefully help save lives in East Africa. So what are you bidding on?
  • A set of 4 MOON cotton patches. Same as you may have seen worn by Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell).
  • A black MOON cotton T-Shirt (L) not ever not even opened, ever!
  • A black cotton SOURCE CODE promotional T-Shirt (L).
  • A mini SOURCE CODE poster (US).
  • A super rare mini print of the bloody amazing Olly Moss SOURCE CODE poster SIGNED by Director Duncan Jones.
  • A black cotton SOURCE CODE promotional baseball cap.
Thanks for reading. Please pass on this link to all you may think would be interested in owning some rare Sc-Fi movie memorabilia, and help those so much less fortunate than ourselves. If you’d like to make a donation separate to the auction, you can do so here.
And finally, it’s tough as always, but please take a moment to watch the BBC DEC Appeal.