The longer films are out in the mainstream, from cinema release through to home release, they eventually slip into the collective unconsciousness of popular culture and take on a life of their own. Through reviews and writings on aspects of plot and theme, they eventually in a way, no longer belong to the film makers completely, but also to the audience that take them to heart. The point at which this transfer occurs is often reflected in an increase in independently produced, creative pieces inspired by the films, either directly, or taking their queue from specific aspects of the films.

We’ve had so many incredible contributions from fans of MOON already, and are now starting to see the same occurring with SOURCE CODE. Starting early with posters, then the amazing Machinima piece from KeulerMedia recently, we now have this rather smart “Dubstep” track and video from Tomi P, Sampling dialogue from the film itself, and editing film footage to produce this video.

With SOURCE CODE available now digitally in the US through video on demand (XBOX, PSN, Netfilx etc) and electronic sale (iTunes, Amazon etc) and on DVD & Blu-Ray in the US & UK shortly after. Hopefully there will be many more fantastic pieces of work created by you lot to come 🙂