SOURCE CODE continues it’s journey around the theatres of the world, appearing just last week as the top new entry in the Netherlands box office chart, and opening this week in Denmark & South Africa, pushing past the already fantastic $100 Million in worldwide Box Office takings (now at around $112 million).

Duncan Jones Setting His Sights On George Clooney

Meanwhile, back in LA, it seems Director Duncan Jones is already hard at work on film number three, and has just announced things are moving along nicely, last night on the Twitter:

“Lots of fun today! Met with a few special effects companies and some very talented concept artists. I feel a movie coming on! 😉

Still a long way to go, but very happy so far. :)”

Ok, so we know there’s a good chance that a young, up coming film director living in LA is not going to be resting on his laurels after receiving both critical and financial success with his first two feature films, MOON (2009) & SOURCE CODE (2011), and we know Duncan has been very busy writing since returning to LA from the SOURCE CODE promotional tour. But what is he writing, and what else are he and producer Stuart Fenegan cooking up?

From what we can glean from interviews and tweets, we know that Duncan is keen to continue with Sci-Fi for his third film, in a recent interview with Static Mass

“My long term goal has always been to get to a point like the directors I admire like the Coen brothers and Tarantino who write their own material but have the budget to deliver that material the way they want to, and hopefully after Source Code I think I’m nearly there now, so my next film will be the science fiction film I wanted to make since the very start, and hopefully I’ll get the budget and the actors to do that now. I think it’s gonna be a lot more action focused than maybe people are expecting, but hopefully a thinking person’s action movie.”

It’s not just self produced work that Duncan has been linked with recently. Since the success of SOURCE CODE he was reported to be on the shortlist to take over the helm of the next Wolverine movie after the departure of Darren Aronofsky, news that was received very enthusiastically if tweets to Duncan about it are anything to go by. It must be fantastic to be considered for such a massive project. It’s not the first time Duncan has been associated with big budget, comic book adaptations having previously been linked to with both new Judge Dredd & Superman productions. But what we are really looking forward to, is new Duncan Jones work, and it looks like that’s what we are going to get.

Liberty Films MUTE Concept Art by Gavin Rothery

Liberty Films MUTE Concept Art by Gavin Rothery

We also know that there’s more than a new Duncan Jones movie in the works, there is also the much anticipated appearance of ‘MUTE‘ in graphic novel format, seems that may be moving along nicely as well, with Duncan performing a bit of market research the other day:

Hive-mind! need advice. Graphic novels: you prefer hardbacks, or floppies? Do horizontals like 300 appeal, or too difficult to put on shelf?

Also, for those who buy graphic novels, at what price does a book go from “impulse buy” to “only cause I really want it?”

As you can see, if you really want to keep on top of what Duncan’s up to, you really need to follow him on Twitter. Be warned though, you could come to the conclusion that there is a western on the way as well, when you notice that over the last couple of weeks Duncan has visited Melody Ranch, an active, working cowboy film set, and has watched ‘A Few Dollars More’ and ‘Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid’ with commentary from writer William Goldman. It may not seem that significant to you, but bear in mind, watching films with commentary on has proved inspirational to Duncan in the past. Whilst working on MOON and working out the methods required for having one actor play multiple roles on screen at the same time, the DVD commentary and special features on David Cronenberg ‘s ‘Dead Ringers‘ proved invaluable. So if someone were thinking of writing a Western, they may well want to listen to the thoughts of one the greatest ever screenwriters, on the subject of one of the greatest ever Westerns…

Anyway, that’s a complete flight of fancy. The main thing is we know there is a new Duncan Jones Sci-Fi in the works, and we are going to see ‘MUTE’ in graphic novel format to begin with, anything else they may be working on will be a big bonus 🙂