The High Bar with Warren Etheredge: Duncan Jones (SOURCE CODE)

As SOURCE CODE heads into it’s 5th week on general release (US/ UK) and Duncan Jones gets busy with film number 3, I thought it would be a good time to look back over the interviews from the recent promotional tour, and one stood out more than the rest, so I thought I’d share it with you in case you’d missed it previously.

Warren Etheredge is known more as a cultural conversationalist, than traditional interviewer. Generally only preparing the opening question, then following with a more relaxed conversational approach with each subject, Warren obviously does his homework, but enters the situation without prepared questions, or notes. This approach works well for Duncan as well, who has this to say about the Etheredge experience:

Love chatting to Mr. Etheredge!  He’s the definition of affable, and what you don’t get from the interview is that his whole crew and set up is that way.

As soon as you arrive, his producer makes you feel like you’re just one of their buddies who just happened to stop by so you might as well come sit down and have a chat on camera seeing as they’re already all set up.

I also love his willingness to just go with the conversational flow.  Reminds me of Robert Llewellyn and the Carpool I did with him an age ago.

Warren interviewed Duncan in 2009 as well during promotion for MOON, so I thought it would be nice to pop the two together here for comparison, and as Duncan makes a very good point with Robert Llewellyn’s Carpool, I’ve popped that in as well, look out for the revelation of feeding the Queen at Buckingham Palace!

For further info on Warren’s style, check the BBC College of Journalism link at the foot of the page.

Further info: BBC College of Journalism. Warren Etheredge joins BBC World presenter David Eades to debate the best way to get a good interview.