Junket - Yum YumI, like many of you I imagine, was under the impression that Junket was a desert. I became very confused when Duncan mentioned he was taking part in a Junket with the press in LA last weekend. I had horrible visions of people up to their Y-Front in what is referred to on the font of all knowledge (Wikipedia) as “might best be described as a loose pudding”

There’s no “loose pudding” about Duncan Jones though, ever the sharp cookie, he has kindly blogged about the whole experience, to bless those of us ignorant to the ways of the film promotion world (me) with knowledge, to move on through life, without fear of ruining fine underwear, with sweet delights.

But as you can see, there is a price to pay when taking part in these “Junkets”. Duncan has suffered what can only be described as “The Claw” while signing some rather splendid Olly Moss posters.

Duncan Jones Signs Olly Moss Source Code Posters LA March 18th 2011Thank goodness Duncan and the Lovely Rodene Ronquillo are blogging all this stuff as the Source Code promotional tour continues, make sure you check in there daily, and you too may be edumacated like what I am now.