Duncan Jones’ latest feature ‘Source Code‘ premiered at 19:00 on March 11th 2011, in the Paramount Theatre, Austin, Texas.

Source Code World Premier - Paramount by Sarah Wallace

Chosen as the opening night film for the 2011 SXSW South by Southwest Film Festival & Convention. Joined by the film’s stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga & writer Ben Ripley, the Source Code team walked the red carpet, Duncan introduced the film to a packed, enthusiastic audience of 1200, returning to the stage at the end of the screening to take part in a Q&A. Press duties were dealt with before and after the Premiere, and continued the next day with a panel, and more one on one interviews.

All this almost two years to the day that MOON was premiered at SXSW 2009

MOON Premiere at Paramount Theatre - Austin, TX. SXSW March 2009

After SXSW, the promotional tour for ‘Source Code’ begins, accompanied by his girlfriend, photographer Rodene Ronquillo, and supported by the marketing department of Summit Entertainment, Duncan is currently on a 6 city US tour, attending screenings and Q&A’s, and taking part in a massive amount of press in each city for TV, Radio, Print, and Online publications, as well as phone interviews from all over the place during transfer from airports to hotels. You can read all about it in the Tumblr journal both Duncan & Rodene are updating to record the experience.

The tour will continue no doubt, Source Code is being heavily marketed all over the world, with a first US / UK release date of April 1st, and rest of the world to follow shortly afterwards.

Source Code Promotional Van - SXSW 2011

Duncan & Rodene's Source Code Van (probably) March 2011

‘Source Code’ having a larger cast, crew and budget than MOON, has obviously got a greater marketing team behind it, and they are doing a great job spreading the word through the official web site, Facebook page, distribution of images & video content to media outlets, even employing the use of innovative online and social media gaming platforms, discussed on cnet by Jake Gyllenhaal.

During the build up to MOON’s release, Duncan Jones didn’t have a large, fantastically experienced worldwide marketing department behind him, so apart from a couple of times in the US with Star, Sam Rockwell (Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca) Duncan was on his own, in London, trying to generate interest in his first feature, what he would begin would cause grown men to dress as scantily clad, interstellar princesses, geeks to write prose dedicated to their favourite tech, and the appearance of Blade Runner’s Roy Batty, as a pineapple. All this and more came from:-


You may not believe this now, but back when I first met Duncan on Twitter in April 2009 (a link from a Popular mechanics article, I had no idea Duncan was a mechanic, or popular at the time), he had around 600 followers , that has now grown in just under 2 years to over 39,000.

To alleviate the MOON pre-release stress, and harness this massive Twitter presence to spread the word, Duncan began a series of five Twitter competitions, designed to help us reveal the true depth of our geekery, and have some fun promoting MOON. It was through all this, that manmademoon.com was born, to provide a place for everyone to keep up to date with MOON release details, and for Duncan to display competition entries.

We thought it would be a good idea to archive them over here, carefully restored from their original homes, the 5 original MMM Twitter competitions…

Competition one was simple enough, Duncan asked everyone to create a new face for MOON’s Sarang base robotic assistant, GERTY. Imagine how GERTY would feel with some of these…

Competition two came about, for those who were of a more literary bent, with entrants asked by Duncan to write a poem, based on their favourite tech type subject.

Competition three was a photo competition, where we were tasked with creating a scene from a favourite Sci-Fi film, it’s here you can see the Batty pineapple, and the (I think) Princess Leia-man (David Waddington – if you’re out there, I hope you escaped from the small fluffy monkey?)

Competition four was one for the comic fans and smart caption types, as Duncan provided a few stills from MOON, and asked for a comic strip, some were rather rude, to do with two men being lovely, quite a lot actually, which might have helped whittle down the field a bit.

Competition five was the final MMM MOON Twitter competition, this time Duncan requested looky likey pics from us all (I sent Johnny Depp obviously)

The competitions were great fun, usually launched on a Sunday evening, with everyone waiting on the judges decision the next week (I believe Duncan had a special hat, and vest for the judging time, blasting out the Soundtrack from ‘Conan the Barbarian’)

The wonderful thing was, Duncan had no assistant or PA to organise all the prizes, so he’d package up signed MOON posters, and take them down the post office himself (personally, I think he has a thing for stationary)

In between competitions, Duncan would fly off to promotional screenings and Q&As for MOON, back to the US, Russia at one point also, but with only one cast member (committed to other projects) the responsibility to get the word out on MOON was all down to Duncan. He did himself proud, and I think that dedication to ensure as many people as possible heard about MOON, is one of the main things that we respected him for, and his continued funny, and friendly interaction with a quickly growing number of Twitter followers, which he still does now, as the process of promoting ‘Source Code‘ begins.

Eventually, this here ManMadeMovies was born to carry on updating you all with news, and act as a kind of archive of events. But if you want to hear it straight from Duncan, then follow him over on Twitter, who knows, there may be other competitions to come…