We are just days away from the Source Code premier at SXSW this coming Friday, March 11th, and things are really heating up on the promotion front.

Large billboards are popping up around LA (would love a pic if anyone spots one). Duncan Jones will be joined by stars Jake Gyllenhaal & Michelle Monaghan to take part in a panel at SXSW on Saturday 12th March, before whizzing off on a 6 stop promotional tour of advance screenings with Q&A. And as you may have seen already Summit Entertainment have released a brand new UK Source Code poster!

Source Code | Change The Past - Save The Future

And now, a second TV spot, highlighting the “Change The Past, Save The Future” strap line.

Advance screenings are already taking place of course for the press, to co-ordinate reviews online, and in print with the April 1st release date, some lovely feedback coming in on twitter includes:

“SOURCE CODE marks a second home run for @ManMadeMoon. A heady sci-fi film infused with wonderful popcorn entertainment & heart.”

“Source Code is your typical sci-fi if by “science” you mean “totally” and by “fiction” you mean “kicks your ass”

“Source Code is exactly the sort of movie you hope someone as smart as Duncan Jones would make, if given a budget.”

“SOURCE CODE is fucking smart. Blockbuster pacing, but still that same great Duncan Jones understanding of sci-fi. Well played @manmademoon.”

All getting rather exciting. We’ve got a man on the spot at SXSW for the premier on Friday, so hopefully we’ll have some good stuff for you over the weekend 🙂