Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga, Jeffrey Wright in Duncan Jones' Source Code. April 1st 2011

As the April 1st release date for Source Code draws closer, some lucky people are getting to see advance screenings, one such lucky chap, Ryan Hamelin took the time to drop Director Duncan Jones a twitter reaction, which has only served to increase the anticipation:

Just got out of a screening of Source Code. You may have made one of my favorite “mindfuck” movies of all time. Hope I get the chance to meet you if the press tour comes to NYC, if only to shake your hand. Congratulations sir .

I mean, you combined all of my favorite film things. Time bending, second chances, sci-fi twists, and nailed the 3rd act. If I ever get a chance to make a movie like that it’d be a dream come true. Looking forward to a second viewing

A busy day of movie viewing ahead for Ryan, but sounds like Source Code has made quite an impression:

If you enjoy movies, trust me, you will enjoy Source Code. The best ride I’ve had in a movie theater since Inception. Definitely go see it.

Up next on the queue either The Adjustment Bureau or I Am Number Four. Interested if either can make me forget Source Code even a little bit.

Source Code opens US / UK April 1st, with worldwide premier at SXSW on March 11th 2011.