A busy few days stretch out in front of Source Code Director Duncan Jones, currently attending the recording of the films score with a 70 piece orchestra in LA.

He has announced via Twitter though, that Clint Mansell, who scored Duncan’s first feature MOON, will not be scoring Source Code as previously confirmed.

“Unfortunately we weren’t able to work out a schedule so Clint could do the score in the end. He has been a very busy bee.”

We were all obviously excited to hear that Clint & Duncan would be working together again, but as the recording of the score is up and running already, I’m sure all is in hand to give a nice bit of the old aural.

Will update as soon as we get further details on the score as it is recorded.

UPDATE Further details from Badass Digest confirming scheduling conflicts, and details on new composer Chris Bacon. Check Badass for further details.