Armstrong & Miller

UK comedians Armstrong & Miller addressed the very real issue of loneliness in a space station in their BBC1 show this evening.

Series 3, Episode 2 of their fantastic sketch show this evening, featured three appearances by a poor chap called Steve, alone on Moon Base Icarus, constantly observed by the station’s AI called S.A.M

Armstrong & Miller - S.A.M - Moon Base Icarus AI

What is a chap to do when alone, missing his loved ones, suffering from boredom, and in need of a little relief? As is so often the case during periods of work imposed monotony, a fellow may feel the need to take the matter in hand, as it were. The problem for Steve, is that S.A.M has an ever watchful eye on him, not only ruining the moment by it’s very presence, but also by verbally questioning Steve’s motives for going to the toilet with a magazine that only contains 4.3% text, and is mainly pictures 🙂

Armstrong & Miller - Steve on Moon Base IcarusIssues I am sure that our Sam Bell would certainly relate to, issues that I am sure would also have been dealt with in MOON itself, had the film been produced by J. Arthur Rank 😉

The episode is available to UK viewers on the BBC iPlayer for a limited time here for others, I’m sure there are ways.

Here is a clip of the chaps performing as my favourite characters, the street speaking RAF chaps.