Some very cool retro style MOON posters for you to have a gander at today.

First up is this dual Sam image from Justin D Russo, tweeted over to Duncan last night, who said:

fantastic stuff! … And love the Red Dead one too!

Retro MOON Dual Sam by Justin D Russo

Retro MOON Dual Sam by Justin D Russo

You can check out the Red Dead Redemption poster Duncan mentions above over on Justin’s blog.

Next up is this cracker from Chris Thornley (Raid71) that we found over on Flickr, Chris very kindly also added this to our MOON Flickr group

Retro MOON by Chris Thornley

Retro MOON Poster by Chris Thornley

Check out Chris’s online portfolio for more examples of his work. Still gobsmacked at the quality of work inspired by MOON, please let us know if you know of any other examples of these retro posters 🙂