Duncan Jones Directorial feature debut MOON starring the Mighty Sam Rockwell went on general release in the United States on June 12th 2009, initially opening at selected theatres in New York and LA, making today the 1st anniversary ๐Ÿ™‚

I thought it only right and proper we should mark this occasion on the ole blog, and celebrate what has become an instant Sci-Fi Cult Classic, comfortably joining the ranks of those films that influenced it in the first place (Silent Running, Outland, 2001: A Space Odyssey).

Those influences and themes are plain to see.The effects of isolation, loneliness & solitude, the questioning of identity, perceptions of reality and human existence, exploitation of blue collar workers by faceless global corporations, and in the end, escape, inspiring hope through breaking free of routine and manipulation. Above everything, I think MOON is a very human story, that has found an audience with fans of all genres.

Since release, MOON has gone on to travel around the Earth, think we caught most of the releases as the year has passed, gaining many awards along the way, including:

We even had a little knock at trying to get an Academy Award nomination for Sam Rockwell’s stunning performance as Sam Bell.

As each glass of wine is sunk in MOON’s honour as I write this, there is more danger of a drunken ramble, so, I’ll cut it short, and simply thank each and every one of you for supporting MOON over the last year, all of you who have bought cinema tickets, all of you who have bought MOON on Blu-Ray and DVD, and everyone who joined in the Sam Rockwell Oscar campaign ๐Ÿ™‚

First Birthday it may be, but the journey continues, as MOON is scheduled for release in France on DVD & Blu-Ray next week, and a nice big theatrical release in Germany in July this year.