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Jake Gyllenhaal has been enthusing once again on working with Duncan Jones on ‘Source Code’. Speaking to Ain’t It Cool News‘ Quint during last weekends Wondercon 2010 in San Francisco, Gyllenhaal claimed the movie they are currently filming in Montreal is “mind boggling”

On working with Duncan Jones:

“Duncan is so awesome and he is an extraordinary director – working with him has been that exactly and I think this movie that we are making is mind boggling.”

“I’m telling you man, he is really quite something. His mind… he comes from quite a pedigree, just artistically, but on his own I believe he is the next generation. He is blowing my mind on a daily basis.

“To me, working with him, it’s surprising, his instinct, his sense of collaboration, but at the same time truly being an auteur…”He’s the real deal man. Anyone who has seen [MOON] knows that and this – you are really going to like it!”

Read the full interview on the Ain’t It Cool News site by doing the clicky piccy thing.

Good to hear Jake enthusing about ‘Source Code’ and working with Duncan, and we have had further details on what the film will look like from Duncan’s Twitter feed this afternoon:

Image by Rodene Ronquillo

Got fingers crossed for Japanese Moon opening… in the meantime, today is the last day of shooting in our highly surreal “Pod” sets!

Sets are so bizarre… like Geiger had a baby with Escher, and then fooled around with Picasso in his randy cubist period!

I also have to say that Jake G is funny as hell, and Russell Peters had his hands full trying to keep up with Jake’s on set improvs.

Right! Back to set for our last half day of shooting in the seriously weird-arse surreal set! Hoooya!

Unfortunately, will not be able to engage the skills of my junior artist to create a mock up of that lot (like with the train), may bend his developing brain a bit.