You’ve seen the pictures, you’ve read the review, now, for your delight & delectation, we present the film (jigsaws, mugs & bathmats are currently at the prototype stage)

We were extremely fortunate at last Wednesdays Jameson Cult FIlm Club screening of MOON at the Royal Institution, to have some very wonderful friends, and fantastic guests. So, here we have a small film including interviews with some of the key production crew from MOON. Gavin Rothery (VFX Supervisor), Hideki Arichi (Art Director) & Barrett Heathcote (VFX Editor) and a taste of what the event was like. All filmed AND edited by the very funky Mr James Cuff, interviews (although you can’t hear his dulcet tones in this film) by Ben Mortimer (maybe we’ll put some more stuff up soon) Enjoy!

Jameson Cult Film Club Present: MOON from ManMadeMovies on Vimeo.