Source Code Mock Up by @Malusman

Source Code‘ Mock Up by @malusman

Filming of Duncan Jones new feature ‘Source Code’ has completed it’s first week already! Week two will begin tomorrow, but how’s it going so far? Luckily Duncan has popped out a couple of fresh tweets this afternoon to let us know.

So! 1st week on Source Code: built a train, and it’s a beauty, but a bugger to shoot on. JG & MM are such a good laugh! Love em to bits.

JG & MM being Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan, ‘Source Code’ also stars Jeffrey Wright and Vera Farmiga, and will also feature the recently announced Russell Peters.

Jones continued:

SC has more humour in it than we saw on the page, & that’s been great fun! Shot some of our effects tests & they’re wonderfully horrible!

Additional humour may well come from Russell Peters extended scenes, as his official site press release states:

The reason for the re-scheduling is that Russell has landed a role in the Sci-fi action movie, Source Code. The film is set to be directed by Duncan Jones (Moon) and star Jake Gyllenhaal (Jarhead), Vera Farmiga (Up in the Air) and Michelle Monaghan (Eagle Eye).  Originally scheduled to start shooting after the Australian tour, Russell’s shoot dates were moved-up when the producers decided to expand his role in the film with additional scenes and dialogue.  Russell must now report to set on February 23rd until the end of March.  (Which also means that his Las Vegas show on March 27th will need to be re-scheduled).

So, there ya go, sounds like all on track, and building up a nice head of steam 😛 We’ll keep you updated as and when we hear owt else.