So, this is a little test, though I have become so twittutionalized, I dont know if I will be able to break out of the 140 character limit… actually… I’ve just done it. So, that wasn’t so hard.

Im off to Chicago today. Yet another visit to check on the locations and plates we need to shoot of the Windy City. The majority of the film will be filmed in chilly Montreal, so our Chicago shoot will be taken care of by a second unit. That means I will not be there for it. Its the first time I have ever been in a situation where I will not be directing elements of my own shoot. Feels down-right odd, but just one of the many differences between shooting an indie and shooting something “through the system.”

I’ve been discovering lot of those differences lately… enough to write a book on them? maybe a pamphlet. Certainly enough to write a blog. Ill have to think about that one. Doubt I would have time to do that, anyway. We shall have to see. In the meantime, Chicago, here I come… again.