Moon Otoko

Happy days Japan as we have received confirmation that MOON will be opening over there, April 10th 2010.

The Japanese MOON site has now gone live, and press screenings will also be occuring during Feb to promote the release. Not much currently on show, but that will change as the release approaches, so bookmark it now in readyness, click on the image above, or >>HERE<<

Please forgive, but my Japanese is a bit rusty these days, so a wee explanation and further details from our honourable correspondent out in Japan @hip_priest_kobe

OK, the Japanese title is:


In English it means Man caught in the moon

Caught 囚 kind of give the emotion of imprisonment, which does not come across clearly in an English translation.

Maybe…..Man imprisoned in the Moon is closer, but literally translated it would be caught, or trapped.

Movie roadshow from April, starting at Ebisu Garden place cinema Tokyo.

Which makes it all the more intriguing to those that have not seen the film yet, and have avoided spoilers 🙂