We have been campaigning long and hard to get the attention we feel is deserved for Sam Rockwell’s performance as Sam Bell in Duncan Jones’ debut feature MOON.

I am well aware of the hard work that went into bringing MOON to the screen by the whole cast, crew and production team at Liberty Films, and am still amazed that they all managed to produce such a stunning movie, with very limited time and budget.

That said, even I was moved by this heartfelt appeal from personality Brick Hardmeat on behalf of the Sam Rockwell Oscar Campaign, I was actually moved (from the sofa, to the kitchen actually, needed some tea, dry throat) and at one point I think my eye leaked, it would be unfair of me to prattle on, so please watch, listen, take notes, and act upon the:

Brick Hardmeat Sam Rockwell Oscar Appeal

This appeal was lovingly created by Chris Trevarthen and features the sad faces of MOON lovers all over the world, who face the thought upon waking every day, that Sam Rockwell may not get a nomination at this years Academy Awards. We get through the pain, one day at a time, please help us, make tomorrow a better day, for MOON lovers everywhere.

Many thanks to you all, for your support, your best wishes, your encouragement, and your car, I just borrowed it while you were sat reading this, will return it later with a full tank of Helium 3.

For those of you who are thinking “Did I leave the gas on when I left home this morning”?, pull yourself together, you should be thinking “Is that MOON DVD & Blu-Ray out to buy in the United States of America-ca-ca yet”? and that I can answer in upper case YES! MOON IS NOW AVAILABLE TO BUY TODAY IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA-CA-CA, go grab a copy, pop round to your local Academy voter, and watch it together, as there is the slight chance, that they did not receive one themselves.

Academy Awards voting ballots deadline approaches (Jan 23rd), let’s do all we can to get the word out on #SamRockwellOscar, and as Sam would say (if he were me paraphrasing himself) “Just under two weeks to go buddies! Rock ‘n’ Roll, God bless America-ca-ca”