Love these little thinglets inspired by MOON and the Sam Rockwell Oscar Campaign handmade Ltd Editions created by top #SamRockwellOscar campaigner @Mondoghosto:

They are supposed to be miniature ornamental moons, conquered by “Moon”, hence flag sticking out the top.

Highly glitterified and baked polymer clay, with interchangeable flags. Was making more worry ghosts and the like for Behland Etsy/website and thought I’d make these at the same time.

Checked, and while there were plenty of results for the word “moon”, there were no search results for “sam rockwell oscar” or “duncan jones” – something that has been hastily rectified!

Etsy has high daily traffic from all over the world, so thought it’d be another place to add a shout out for the Sam Rockwell Oscar Nomination Awareness cause!

And yes, they glow in the dark!

You can also keep up to date with @Mondoghosto’s further campaigning over on her tumblr page and blog Regular readers may also recall Lynne’s subtle placement of Discovery cards in a bookshop recently 🙂

Lynne, we salute you for services above and beyond the call of duty, may your 3 years be, continually extended 😉