Certainly could not let this milestone pass without note, the Sam Rockwell Oscar campaign petition setup by @rboulding on October 15th 2009 has passed the 2000 signature mark, not bad for a cause that has no financial / PR backing, just being passed on by word of mouth through social networks (Twitter / Facebook) by people like you & me that have seen MOON and been blown away by Sam’s stunning performance. Just scanning through recent signatures it seems Sam’s peers are making their thoughts known also, with signatures / comments most recently from Director Jim Jarmusch, and Spiderman / Pineapple Express star James Franco.

We know that a petition, no matter how many signatures, is not going to get Sam an Academy Award nomination all by itself, but the aim is to draw attention to Sam’s performance, and hope that the voters interest is stimulated enough to want to see MOON, and consider nominating him in the Best Actor category.

Moon film poster

Ballot papers have now been sent out to Academy members (5,777 of them), ballots have to be completed and returned by 17:00 PST on January 23rd 2010, nominations for the 82nd annual Academy Awards will be announced February 2nd 2010, and the Awards themselves presented March 2nd 2010. Further details on the various branches of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences can be found on Variety’s Awards Central site.

Thanks to all who have signed the petition so far,and left comments on this blogs Sam Rockwell Oscar section, as well as the original blog entry where we kicked it all off back in mid October. It ain’t over until the ballots are returned, some voters may already know their choices and be able to complete and return their ballots, some though may have not seen MOON and witnessed the stunning performance of Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell, so we’d encourage you to continue to plug / support our little campaign on social networks, on your sites, on your blogs, and in anyway that won’t cause you to be arrested.

MOON is released on DVD – Blu-Ray in the USA on January 12th 2010, though we’re hearing some stores are selling it already, so lovely Academy members, all 5,777 of you, if you haven’t seen MOON yet, I’m sure you will be aware of how talented Mr.Rockwell is already, so try and grab a copy and consider nominating Sam Rockwell in the Best Actor category for the 82nd Academy Awards 😉

We are crossing everything that is crossable here (except anything that may lead to hospitalisation) – Thank you for taking the time to read this.

(ps – You may get so blown away by it all that you wang in a Duncan Jones director nom and a Clint Mansell soundtrack nom as well, I would, but I can’t so….)