Robert Llewellyn's Carpool

‘Moon’ Director joins the fantastic Robert Llewellyn for his weekly show ‘Carpool’ this coming Friday 6th November. For those that have not seen ‘Carpool’ before, Robert breaks down the usual interviewer / interviewee constraints by picking up his guests and taking them for a drive around London, chatting as they go, a relaxed environment prompting easier conversation as apposed to a standard chat show type format. Robert can explain it better on the site HERE

Many interesting and sometimes famous bods have appeared in Robert’s passenger seat, and this week our very own Mr Duncan Jones clunks & clicks for a chat with the chap you may also know as Red Dwarf’s Kryten

Click the image below to see a clip of forthcoming highlights including a quick bit of this fridays journey with Duncan.
Go for the Carpool trailer in the right hand nav above Ade Edmondson.

Robert Llewellyn & Duncan Jones Carpool

Robert will keep you up to date with the exact time the show is live if you follow him over on twitter where he has a fantastically large following as @bobbyllew

You can also subscribe to the ‘Carpool’ show on iTunes >> HERE <<