Moon Director Duncan Jones has been bowled over by the content of a letter written by Sci-Fi author Philip K Dick to the ‘Blade Runner‘ film production company in 1981.

Philip K Dick typewriter & mug

It’s always interesting to discover what an author thinks of a movie adaptation of his work (in this case ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’), but PKD goes further than providing a simple critique of the Ridley Scott directed movie, he actually takes the opportunity to make a statement on the current (then) state of the Sci-Fi genre as a whole, and what Blade Runner has done to point the way out of a seemingly stale situation, at the same time remaining humble with regards his own role in one of the greatest movies of all time. Read the letter >>HERE<<

Distributing the link to the letter from his Twitter account Jones says:

Anyone read that beautiful letter Philip K Dick wrote the production team of Blade Runner after he saw the first few shots? Amazing stuff!”

in the long run, i think he has been right about even the business success of the film”

He said BR wasnt sci-fi.. it was “Futurism!” Love it…”

so much of that letter is even more relevant today”

his comments on the staleness and inbreadness of sci-fi seem as relevant today as then though, dont you think?”

When asked by @davymacBeautiful letter from PKD. Also, would you consider another ‘Futurism’ movie yourself?”
Jones responded “part of the reason i love that letter so much is that Mute kind of is.”

Enjoy the letter, and hopefully we will be hearing much more on ‘Mute’ in the near future.