If you’ve been keeping an eye on developments you’ll know Duncan has been shining the spotlight on some of the artists involved in the graphic novel he is developing with Alex de Campi, MADI: Once Upon a Time in the Future, the third instalment of the Mooniverse trilogy that started with feature films MOON, and MUTE.

The latest addition to what has been referred to as the “Barcelona” of comic artist talent is the Biz… literally. More from Duncan…

“A little sketch from the master, asking me if I was happy with his take on our protagonist…
Uhhh YEAH!

One of 2000AD’s Old Gods-
The master of muscle-
The Slaine bringer-
The Lord of Lobo-


So when can we get hold of what promises to be a proper eyegasm? According to Mr. Jones…

It looks like May 19th is likely to be our big “MADI: Once Upon a Time in the Future” launch day… I don’t ask you guys for too much, but if you could spread the word (and link) about it when we’re live, you’d be doing me, Alex de Campi & the whole art team a solid!

Keep your eyes peeled on Twitter for more updates from Duncan Jones, and Alex de CampiMADI: Once Upon a Time in the Future will be released… later this year.