Lunar Harvester by Adam Burn

Inspired by MOON and new developments in potential near Earth asteroid mining from companies such as DSI which could eventually lead to real life Lunar mining for Helium-3 (He-3), digital illustrator Adam Burn has created these fantastic concept lunar vehicles which have already caught an admiring eye from MOON Writer / Director Duncan Jones…

Lunar Transport Vehicle by Adam Burn

Adam has very kindly allowed us to share his work here on the blog and let us know a bit about how MOON played a part in inspiring them in the first place.

I am a huge Moon fan myself everything about the film was fantastic, the soundtrack was inspiring, the special FX of the Moon were breathtaking and the story was touching.

As for how Moon inspired them almost everything about them is inspired by Moon, I really just thought what it would be like if the mining operation went from a small fully automated operation overseen by one guy, to a huge operation that involves some crazy huge machines. When I first started it I was thinking about what it is they would be mining for and why, I didn’t want it to be metals or minerals as it didn’t seem that necessary but then I remembered the film Moon and it’s Helium 3 mining then I knew exactly what it was they were after.

I’m continuing on with the series as it’s become quite popular and I really enjoy all the vehicle design, I am looking forward to seeing how the next few images go down 🙂

Lunar Surveyor Vehicle by Adam Burn

Amazing eh? Click on the images for higher resolution and visit Adam’s deviantART profile for MUCH more of his work, and to keep up to date with developments on future Lunar vehicle work.

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