Olly Moss - Silhouettes From Popular Culture

We’ve long been fans of the work of artist Olly Moss. Even before he created these wonderful Mondo Director’s Series posters for Duncan Jones’ MOON & Source Code.

For Duncan that interest goes back to early 2009 when he first saw Olly’s take on a cover for Valve Software’s first person classic Half Life. Since then, Olly has continued to create work combining visual simplicity with a fantastic sense of humour, catching our eye with everything he produces. Those original Olly Moss works are hard to get hold of though, which is why it’s great news for everyone who shares a love of Olly’s work that his first book of collected works is released on October 26th 2012. That’s like…next Friday!

‘Silhouettes From Popular Culture’ published by Titan Books features a collection of Olly’s take on Victorian silhouette portraits, but with a twist. Although the book itself from the cloth  covered, hard backed, gold embossed lettering of the cover, to the oil print inner lining make it appear to be one of those beautiful treasures you may find in an antique bookshop, the content is rather more up to date as it features silhouette portraits of modern characters from movies, television, comics, animation and video games. The images are stripped down to their very basic outlines, but still retain that trademark Moss wit. They are also instantly recognisable, and this brings me to the one of the best parts of the book, and something that is one of Olly’s traits. Viewing these pictures is FUN!

I spent a while going through the book this afternoon with my children (14 & 10) playing guess who with the whole lot, we had a great time seeing who would be first to identify the silhouette we were looking at, then marvelling at how Olly had managed to present them in such a simple fashion.

I was tempted to pop up a few images for you to have a go at, but that would be spoiling the fun for you, was also tempted to pop up the funny and affectionate foreword by Duncan Jones (2 pages of it!), but I think you’d rather pick up a copy next Friday and read it yourself. I will leave you with a taster though, as I’m sure if my words don’t sway you, Duncan’s certainly will:

Olly is very special. A new Brit great who straddles the cool of Banksy, the humour of Shrigley and a wit all of his own.

The following work gives you the best of both worlds. An opportunity to see the craftsmanship in each piece, and a chance to play along” – Duncan Jones – 2012


Silhouettes From Popular Culture by Olly Moss is available from Titan Books from Friday 26th October 2012. A bloody lovely treat for yourself or anyone you know who would appreciate something that is rather special, would look right smart under the old Chrimble tree this year as well I reckon 😉

For more Olly Moss work pop over to his online portfolio, and follow him on Twitter where you’ll be treated to the occasional surprise sketch, like this amazing Riddler earlier today.