Sounds like a collaboration is in the works between two of the hottest young film Directors in town today after MOON Director Duncan Jones tweeted out his thoughts on Rian Johnson’s new release LOOPER:

Just got out of Looper. Thought it was fantastic! Don’t miss it.

For anyone out there who claims they love R rated sci-fi, but hasn’t seen Dredd or Looper, do it. This is the good stuff.

Duncan went on to get in touch with Rian directly:

Saw Looper at Arclight. You introduced! Brilliant! Huge congratulations. Wait till the buggers try to make you write a sequel. 😉

And before we knew it, the seeds of a collaborative movie mashup were sewn. Rian himself coming with a tentative title:

Thanks man, means a lot that you dug it!  I say we meld worlds for a dual sequel: Moopers.

Before going on to pitch it to the Sci-Fi hungry masses:






@ManMadeMoon and I are going to Cloud Atlas that shit up.

And after that, with the speed of the internet, you knew it wouldn’t be long before the mashup poster was born. So here it is, courtesy of Andrew Mayne

Andrew Mayne's MOON / LOOPER Movie Mashup Poster for LOON

So if you like the good stuff, and you want more from Rian, Duncan and others. Get out to your local picture palace this weekend and go see, support, and spread the word on  Looper and Dredd 🙂

And if you want to check on the progress of LOON, follow Duncan & Rian on Twitter.