Work inspired by MOON just doesn’t stop nearly three years after general release, and we’ll never get tired of sharing it with you lot. Today we have some excellent concept art work from Scott Zenteno. Currently studying at the Art Center College for Design in Pasadena.

Scott was inspired to create a new Moon Rover for Sam Bell, and some power tools after watching MOON:

“I chose MOON because it has a really iconic design language from its sets, to GERTY, to the harvester, it just has a very cohesive and believable feel and the plot unraveled really nicely. Just a great film from its design to its writing.”

MOON Rover by Scott Zenteno

MOON Power Tools by Scott Zenteno

MOON Director Duncan Jones had a look at Scott’s work earlier and passed on a teasing comment with regards future work…

“One of the amazing things about working in sci-fi is the chance to kick off ideas and worlds that others can help fill out.

Love what Scott’s done, and it only makes me want to get back in to that universe even more. Somehow… Somewhere…. ;)”

Have a look at the rest of Scott’s work, and let him know if you know of any internships or the like in the film or game industries.

Thanks, Scott 🙂