Steve Doman Nighteagle with GERTY's Sister.There is only one GERTY, Lunar Industries robotic companion to employee Sam Bell during his three year shift on Moon base Sarang in Duncan Jones’ 2009 debut MOON. But, could there be another?…

The original GERTY was sold off at auction in November 2009 and now resides in…we do not know 🙁

So what is a person to do when one requires ones own Lunar Industries robotic companion? Build one of course, which is exactly what the amazingly talented Steve Doman Nighteagle has done. If you check Steve’s Flickr photostream you will see there is a bit of a theme going on with regards the builds he creates, utterly stunning Sci-Fi creations in his own home. The one we were obviously attracted to most, was one that looked like like GERTY, but it’s not GERTY, it’s GERTY’s sister, as Steve explains:

“I had already decided to do my front room a white futurist living quarters!  A new contact on Flickr said she loved the movie MOON and sent me a link to Gavin’s Making of MOON!  I had just seen it for the first time in October.

After watching MOON 10 to 12 times and reading Gavins Making of MOON, I started thinking I could build GERTY in my spare time!  I needed to finish 2 walls in my front room for a magazine shoot first!  I took a desk chair apart and put a platform on it and set it against the wall for a week!  I couldn’t figure out where to start!

I built the main box and cut an opening for a 12 inch monitor and attached it and put it against the wall, then a lot of negative feeling started messing with me “I cant copy a masterpiece, it would be a lie and something in the universe would die as well if I continued building GERTY!” So it sat there until I set in my mind that I would have to change all dimensions and boxes and declare that there is only one GERTY and this had to be a different model!

So I went ahead. Using the wood from my 9 year old wall units in my front room that I dismantled, the entire project took 130 hours to complete ‘GERTY’s Sister’. Never use old OSB board, I had to  use wood filer twice and sand everything twice then touch ups, 2 coats of primer paint then 2 coats of Stone white spray paint!

After Doing each box like that I attached them and then caulk the seems!  Put primer paint on the caulking then Put a camping tent around her and sprayed the seems!  She was put together where she stands

Adding household treasures. From the bottom a desk chair bottom, a traveling mug top plus plastic covers for color tubing lights, and of course bottle caps.  Two base electric cones for a car stereo speaker. Washing machine hoses, and a lens from a broken telescope.

Still in the front there is a elbow part of a monitor screen.  On the top there is a casing from an infants swing (music comes thru the opening).  GERTY’s sister’s hat is made from a plaster deli tray from a old refrigerator. Then there is the bottom of an old data machine from the 80’s, and then an industrial fire alarm cut into 2 pieces.

On one side is a top from a sugar canister with a coffee cup from a fallen Californian Sheriff, wow!  There is an egg tray from a refrigerator, and also there is a water tank and a bowl of JELLO beans to eat!

On the back side is a kitchen silverware holder, atop of a mushroom container with a cassete unit from a radio, Creamer coffee tops, and more travel mug tops! I had planned to put in a 150 watt music unit in her but there wasn’t any room!  When I was finished I wanted her to play music, and wow!, I forgot to put speakers in the unit.  Thats why the speakers are sitting where they are.

In closing, let me say that Gavin and Duncan’s MOON has taken the place of my top Scifi movie ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ which has been lowered a notch!  Producers and directors better take a step back and look at these men!  To them and the fans, GERTY’s sister is, and shall always be a notch below GERTY!  Semper Fi, from the Yank across the puddle! – Steve.”

Amazing isn’t she? Absolutely incredible work by Steve that I am sure everyone who worked on MOON will be stunned by. We’ve seen some amazing contributions from people who love MOON since release in 2009, but it’s going to take a hell of a lot to top this. In fact I won’t be this blown away until I see a fully operational Sarang base 😉

Please make sure you check out the rest of Steve’s work, I’m sure fans of Star Trek are in for a treat as well. If you have any comments for Steve, please leave them on the photos in his Flickr photostream.

And if anyone else feels the urge to create something, sure you’ll find plenty of inspiration over on MOON Concept artist & VFX Supervisor Gavin Rothery’s site.

Also check out the amazing model making world of the man who made GERTY himself, Steve Howarth.

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