Duncan Jones on Source Code

Duncan Jones on Source Code - Click here for video after the jump!

The last thing Duncan Jones said to me tonight has resonated.

He said on the Red Carpet that he and his girlfriend Rodene were “keeping it weird” on their mega-press tour that they are launching into for Source Code, starting today with South by Southwest’s world premiere tonight in Austin, TX. Their blog has begun just a page or two over at http://sourcecodefilm.tumblr.com/ where I realize now, AFTER writing this entire post, that I have become one of the first press participants, in a shot where I also am “keeping it weird…”

Obviously, “keeping it weird” is a reference to Austin’s famous slogan “Keep Austin Weird.” The city of Austin is a place that Duncan called a spiritual home in an interview I had with him on the “Moon” press tour of 2009. I wonder is it obvious to everyone else “the weird” seed Austin might have planted in Duncan then and how it has grown?

After two years of being Duncan’s friend on Twitter, seeing him today was itself a spectacular gift, and I can tell you now – the best weird I’ve ever seen has sprouted all over Duncan and Rodene – the big D with his awesome dead cowboy T-shirt, ever present silver torc, and acid-washed jeans; Rodene in a smashing black and white dotted dress with orange Chuck Taylor’s, both plastered with huge smiles, bearing gifts, hugs, love, and an unconditional willingness to sit and talk openly and honestly about Duncan’s most recent outing in this business of movies, Source Code. (Video Link Above)

Then I saw Source Code- and realized that weird may just scratch the surface.

Source Code was AWESOMELY OUT THERE. It actually went over and around weird, so far that it came around the globe of strange and back across the equator of WTF to stab itself in the brainstem with a resounding eureka moment of OH I GET IT WOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW…

It is so refreshing to see what Duncan Jones as a director has accomplished with this film. This time out, he has directed an amazing collaborative machine: First, the script (originally given to Duncan by the lead actor, Jake Gyllenhaal) is a dynamite piece of 4th dimensional craftsmanship written by Ben Ripley. Second, the supportive, intelligent actors like Jake, Vera Farmiga, and Michelle Monaghan give the film a surreal feeling that sticks in your brain- supported ingeniously by Paul Hirsch’s always-masterful editing and Don Burgess’ crystal-clear, almost overwhelming cinematography.

If those last two names don’t ring screaming mad bells, you really should just roll over to IMDB and check out the scroll-wheel breaking lists under both of these artists names…Paul, for instance, cut THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and Don has shot everything from BLIND FURY to SPIDERMAN. Third and finally…I can tell Duncan has weathered the upgrade to a major studio budget with natural ease, and will only continue to make magic onscreen in more unique and lovingly weird ways in the future.

Speaking of the future- I’m actually not here to tell you about the film.
I’m here to tell you to go see it on April 1st.

I want YOU to see the result of Duncan Jones keeping it weird- if weird in his case means being a smart, kind, loving, creative person that has found a way to produce freaking awesome movies in collaboration with the very best that the business of film has to offer.

So be it. Duncan and Rodene are keeping it weird on the Source Code press tour. Spread the love, friends. Let me help spread that same love to all the readers of the site and describe my main attraction:

The video up top we produced over at Reelnewz.com, a gift for Duncan and all the fine folks over here at ManMadeMovies. I mentioned this above, it’s a private sit-down interview that I had today with Duncan, shot inside Austin’s own Bolivar Lounge. This is not the only footage we have for Source Code from today; however, we will be processing the Red Carpet video for Source Code as SXSW grinds on, so please check in soon over at Reelnewz.com for interviews with Jake Gyllenhaal, Vera Farmiga, Michelle Monaghan, Ben Ripley, and Cas Anvar. Remember, Reelnewz.com operates strictly on your donations!

Thanks again to all who helped make this video happen!!