Time for a Source Code news roundup folks. First up we have good news for those of you in the USA, Source Code release has now been moved forward to open on April 1st 2011 from the original April 14th date, 2 weeks less to wait. The official site and Facebook groups have both been updated to reflect this. As far as we know, still on for a March 11th UK release as announced earlier in Empire magazine.

We’ve also had a new official still from the Source Code Facebook page this week featuring an intense moment between Christina (Michelle Monaghan) & Colter Stevens (Jakes Gyllenhall) suggest you ‘Like’ that page if you want to keep up with any exclusive content they pop out during the build up to release.

Michelle Monaghan & Jake Gyllenhall - Source CodeMoving onto Twitter news now, and just when you thought you knew plenty about Source Code from the trailer Director, Duncan Jones hits us with

Just talked to top secret surprise “cameo” in Source Code… what a lovely… man or woman… or animal. Hah! I give you NOTHING!

Plenty of responses to that one, majority thinking we could see Sam Rockwell popping up, but it’s anyone’s guess, comments section below if you have any thoughts on that one.

Finally (thanks to the lovely WDW), a few words from Duncan when Entertainment Weekly suggested that reaction to the Source Code trailer, had compared it to brain teasers like Christopher Nolan’s ‘Inception’

I am a big fan of Christopher Nolan’s and would love to be put in the same category as him someday.

And, despite the train-exploding-theme of Source Code

The tone of the film is quite light… We get to see Jake play an action-man leading role but still have that little sense of humour to him – almost like an Indiana Jones.

So there ya have it, we’ll let you know as soon as there are any updates, which may, or may not be sooner than you think…