Here’s another one I’ve been meaning to feature for a while, beautiful Lunar Lanscape by Jack Stevens, and details from Jack on MOON as the inspiration, also how he put it all together. Brilliant! The little version there does it no justice however, click image for full size 🙂

Jack Stevens:
Ever since I read the synopsis for MOON I was enticed, a few weeks later when trailers and images started to come out I got really excited. This was around the time I had just started reading in-depth into quantum physics expert Michio Kaku. I love Science Fiction films that could one day be possible. For example Helium 3 (which is what is being harvested on the moon’s surface) is essential for Nuclear Fusion, being rare on earth is abundant on the moon. The Moon mission for a Lunar base in 2020 also makes this film feel more sci-real than sci-fi.
Not only did the story inspire me, the landscape that very few have been able to experience and see the earth suspended in the sun’s gravitational field where everything looks so delicate did as well.
After seeing the movie at the start of January I was convinced into making a matte painting based on the movie and perhaps using it to make an animation in Adobe After Effects.

MOON – Lunar Industries from jack stevens on Vimeo

And here are the progress steps.

MOON – Lunar Industries (Progress Steps) from jack stevens on Vimeo

Jack is already convinced he will be adding to his amazing portfolio in the future with new images inspired by Duncan Jones’ next movie “Source Code‘. Can’t wait to see what you come up with Jack, but for now, pop over to Jack’s online gallery and have a gander at some of his other work, great stuff 🙂